We love and care for them daily. We celebrate their birthdays and their “gotcha” days. They bring us happiness and laughter. Losing a pet can be just as difficult as losing a close family member or friend. We are honored to share a place to memorialize loved family pets that have passed away.

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Brenna was a foster fail. The dog I never wanted, but she wormed her way into our hearts and family like fungus.
In her prime she was in the top 10 female field trial dogs in the nation. A devastating diagnosis of myasthenia gravis ended her career and almost ended her life.
In the end, her previous owner surrendered her to us, where she eventually went into remission and went on to live the last 5 years of her 10 year life with us.
For a dog that knew nothing but kennel life, she adapted to life in a home with dog beds and toddlers seamlessly. Like a true Labrador she ate anything and everything she could. She ate $40 worth of Girl Scout cookies and never got sick. She ate an entire 100 count box of crayons, bird seed and just about any type of food that was available. She would play frisbee until we forced her to stop.
When you would talk to her, she would squint her eyes and fall down for belly rubs. If we scolded her, and told her that was not angel-type behavior, she would squint, wag her tail and fall down in apology. She never met a human she didn’t like, an item she wouldn’t retrieve or a food she didn’t’ like.
She was our heart dog. Our best dog. Our angel.


My sweet Jersey used to go through the McDonald’s drive through and sit in my lap waiting for chicken nuggets. He was also the biggest ham when I took him anywhere (work, bus, parks). He was such a laid back boy. I really do miss his company and most of all his hugs.


From the moment we met I was smitten with this gorgeous, silly girl. Even if the feeling wasn’t completely mutual for my husband at her more “spirited” moments, he cried real tears for her, too, when we had to say goodbye to her in February (cancer). She made me laugh at her complete inability to do anything with a toy other than taunt our other dog, Hawk, with it, loved sticking that cold nose right on your face, smelled like the most delicious popcorn, and was simply my girl. Thank you to my husband for loving me so much that he made a place in his heart for her, too, and to the sweet, constant Heidi that I was so lucky to love.


You survived Hurricane Katrina, gave birth to 7 puppies in the car on the drive up from Mississippi where you were found, and still had 16 years to spend with us. You were the sweetest little trouble maker, made everyone who met you smile, and stole food whenever possible. With you as my almost constant sidekick, we had many adventures and I will always feel the empty spot that you left. I watched you run over that rainbow bridge, thrilled to have hind legs that worked as they were supposed to again. Love you always, my little Dodo Bird.